Sojourn Center Board Hosts Neighborhood Information Session

On May 25 the Sojourn Center board of directors invited the neighbors of the donated Roger Woody property to an informational session to learn about the plans for a hospice house in their neighborhood. The meeting was held at the Warm Hearth Village Center auditorium and 35 people attended. The board reviewed the history of the Woody property donation, what Sojourn Center, hospice and hospice houses are including a powerpoint showing images from many hospice houses, preliminary property plans and an opportunity to meet Tom Mullinax, the architect for the project.

Ed Spencer, Anne Campbell and Rick DiSalvo, all members of the Sojourn Center board lead the discussion and welcomed the opportunity to answer questions from the neighbors.

Sojourn Center Neighborhood Information Session
May 24, 2017
Tall Oaks Hall, Warm Hearth Village Center

Welcome and Introductions – John Leehman & Ed Spencer

  • Sojourn Center: Vision, Mission, and Goal
  • Sojourn Center board members

History of Woody property donation – Anne Campbell

Sojourn Center, hospice and hospice houses – Tina Smusz & Anne Campbell

  • Why is it important to honor the end of life?
  • What is hospice?
  • What is a hospice house?
  • How will Sojourn Center differ from care in other settings?
  • Why do we need Sojourn Center in the New River Valley?
  • Currently only 4 hospice houses in VA vs over 50 in NC
  • State regulations require hospice agency operator – need partnership
  • What would Sojourn Center look like?
    • Exterior
    • Interior
    • Surrounding land

Preliminary Property Plans – Rick DiSalvo

  • Description of the property
  • Phase 1 environmental study completed as donation by Draper Aden
  • Opportunities and limitations of the land
  • Current zoning and need for Conditional Use Permit

Meet the Architect – Tom Mullinax

  • Pictures and concepts from hospice houses
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