Enjoying Spring on the Sojourn Center Property April 2019

Spring is here and walking with friends on the Sojourn Center property is fun.  If you would like to walk on the 27-acres donated to Sojourn Center in 2017 by developer, Roger Woody, please contact us at sojourncenter@gmail.com. See the map below of the property linked to the Huckleberry Trail.
Our board is pleased that both Montgomery County and the Town of Blacksburg granted Sojourn Center real estate tax exempt status as of January 2019.

Several groups have toured the property, enjoying the beautiful site in the glorious spring weather!

(L to R) John Hillison, George Mauney, Dr. Richard Shepherd and Dr. Bill Baker stopped to indulge Anne Campbell in a happy picture!
(L to R) Jim Marchman, Barbara Mayo, Anne Campbell, Ruth Anne and Jerry Niles, Bill Mayo, Lucian Robinson (selfie photographer)


(L to R) Bobbi Avery, Yuriko Renardy, Charlene Flick, Lynn Martin


Sojourn Center property with Huckleberry Trail marked