Capital Development

Members of the Sojourn Center board and several community members met with the Capital Development firm  ( from Winston-Salem, North Carolina in December 2017. Sojourn Center and Capital Development are beginning a relationship in preparation for a capital campaign to fund the building of our community’s  first in-patient hospice facility on the 27 acre property donated by Roger Woody in 2017.  Capital Development has experience with fundraising for hospice in-patient facilities and focus on bringing clients tools to develop leadership and win donors’ hearts.

Allan Burrows, President of Capital Development and Lilly Skok Bunch, Senior counsel represented Capital Development to begin planning for the campaign.

“CapDev’s experienced eye for identifying infrastructural adjustments and investments needed to build internal capacity in preparation for major campaigns boosts the organization’s staffing, software, materials and overall resource development.”

“CapDev ignited our campaign! We hired CapDev to join our campaign team to infuse confidence in our campaign leadership, develop a clear plan for success, and to inspire our volunteers. They have delivered on each of these and more.” Doreen Kelly, Head of School, Ravenscroft

(left to right)Allan Burrows, Rob Glenn, Lilly Bunch, Bob Sterrett, Nancy Warren, Charles Warren, Ed Spencer, Anne Campbell and Rick DiSalvo