Rob Glenn

Rob Glenn is the owner of RG Research, a project management firm focused on special projects for clients with challenging issues that require critical thinking. Glenn is also a certified grant writer and a trained mediator. He holds a degree in electrical engineering and has an MBA. Glenn previously served in management and executive positions at Appalachian Power and Roanoke Gas. He has taken community service seriously, having experience on the boards of 19 organizations and holding the top leadership position in seven of those organizations, including Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce, Western Virginia Workforce Development Board, and Virginia Museum of Transportation. He has founded two non-profit organizations: The Foundation for Regional Excellence and Sustainable Communities Partnership.

“My first experience with hospice was with my closest friend; I was honored to hold his hand when he died. Next was with my father-in-law, a situation in which I asked the oncologist to explain the hospice option to him; our family was with him when he died. Both of these deaths occurred at home, and the idea of a hospice house seemed like a very good one to me, particularly in service to those who do not have good alternatives.”