Lisa Sprinkel

Lisa Sprinkel has served as senior director of Carilion Clinic Hospice since 2006 and senior director of Carilion Clinic Home Care five years previously. She has been honored to serve in many different forums to shape and influence the delivery of home medical services, including the Governor’s Task Force on Long Term Care under Governor Tim Kaine in 2007. She received her diploma in nursing from Roanoke Memorial Hospital’s School of Professional Nursing, her bachelor’s degree in business from Mary Baldwin, and her M.S. in nursing administration from Jefferson College of Health Sciences.
“My interest in hospice began with my own family experience with end-of-life care.  In 2006, when I was entrusted with leadership responsibilities for Carilion Clinic’s hospice, I really connected my personal and professional experiences.  As a society, we have many lessons to learn when we contemplate our end-of-life journey and the values that contribute to our sense of peace and dignity.  In hospice the medical profession has opportunities to embrace the end of life as the pinnacle of our existence rather than the failure of our mission to heal.  My mission is to present hospice and end-of-life care as a means to healing the soul when healing the body is no longer possible.”